Huebscher: Misreading Reinhart & Rogoff

Bravo, Bob Huebscher of!

Bob has provided a sober and sorely-needed critique of the popular misapplication of economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff’s (R&R) recent empirical studies on government debt.  

If the rallying cry for deficit reduction rests on an intellectual framework, it would be the work of Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff, whose book, This Time is Different, has been hailed for its exhaustive historical study of financial crises.  A key finding of those scholars – that economic growth slows once the ratio of debt-to-GDP exceeds 90% – has been widely cited by those calling for decreased government spending. 

But those calling for deficit reduction have largely ignored a number of caveats that Reinhart and Rogoff gave with respect to their 90% threshold, and as a result many warn that the US faces the imminent danger of a Greek-like sovereign-debt crisis.

He also makes the critical point that people should not infer causation—i.e., high government debt leads to slower economic growth—from R&R’s work. In fact, the association between high government-debt levels and slow GDP growth could run the other way, or they could both be driven by other variables that R&R didn’t look at. (As we’ve pointed out many times, the role of population age structure has been largely overlooked in macroeconomic analysis.)

These kinds of critiques of R&R and popular interpretations of their work are long overdue, but still very relevant. (Martin Wolf took a nice stab at it, registration required, in September 2011.) We would add a few additional criticisms:

  • R&R did not distinguish between sovereign (debt issued in domestic, inconvertible currency) and non-sovereign (debt issued in, or pegged to, external or other forms of hard currency) governments.
  • Prevailing macroeconomic models still do not account explicitly for the fact that under a soft currency system, government deficit spending and debt constitute private sector saving and net financial assets.
  • Finally, although Bob obtained much of his ammunition from an interview with Rogoff, R&R haven’t been completely innocent of letting the “90%” and similarly bad memes spin out of control.

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