HR Jedi Mind Tricks: References

We’re adding a new and timely category of posts to our website that we’ve tagging ’HR Jedi Mind Tricks’.   These posts will link readers to helpful advice and resources from folks in the human resources field.  Our immediate hope is that they will be useful to readers who are currently job seeking, while also offering insights that all readers can apply in their careers.  

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s based on our personal experiences in companies with top notch HR departments, where HR professionals are sort of like Jedi Masters, always seeming to know the right things to say, having an impressive bag of tricks at their disposal, and in some important ways holding the ‘keys to the kingdom’.  Also, a classmate of ours who previously worked for one of the most progressive HR departments in the world told us that the company’s prescribed technique (yes, prescribed) for employees to express negative emotions to other employee was dubbed internally “the jedi mind trick”, because in skilled hands it was a powerful technique for influencing others. 

The Jedi mind trick tag might sound a bit cheeky, but we really do view sound advice from HR professionals as invaluable.  If you want to better understand the psychology and nuances of hiring, firing, performance, influence, reputation, advancement, etc, they are the folks to listen to.

In our inaugural Jedi mind trick post, we’re linking to a good, short audio primer on how one should handle the “references” question during an interview: